Email Custom Fields
  • 09 Feb 2023
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Email Custom Fields

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Article summary

Custom fields are available when you are editing emails either when Sending Manual Emails, creating email templates, or creating emails in Collection Paths.

Custom Fields Format
All custom fields start with {{ and end with }}
Custom Field NameDescription
{{customerRef}}The customer reference field, if one exists. E.g. 'CAN001'


The name of the customer. E.g. 'Cannon Supplies Ltd'


The name of the contact at the customer. E.g. 'John Doe'


The name of the email sender. This is taken from the Name field value stored in Collection Path Settings
{{senderEmail}}The email address of the email sender. For emails sent via Collection Path, this is taken from Email field value stored in Collection Path SettingsFor manual emails, this is the email address of the logged in user.
{{companyName}}The name of your accounting company linked to Credit Hound. E.g. Bellweather Garden Supply
The telephone number of your accounting company linked to Credit Hound,
The website address of your accounting company linked to Credit Hound,
{{#transactions}}Indicates the start of a transactions list. Since an email can reference multiple transactions, we use this to indicate the start of the list.
{{/transactions}}Indicates the end of a transactions list.


The transactions reference value.


The date of the transaction.


The type of the transaction. E.g. 'Invoice'


The due date of the transaction, i.e. the date it should be paid by.


The total amount of the transaction. 


The outstanding, unpaid amount of the transactions.