How do I know when a synchronization was unsuccessful?
  • 28 Feb 2022
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How do I know when a synchronization was unsuccessful?

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The synchronization of data from your Accounting System into Credit Hound is important as without the latest accounting data, Credit Hound is unable to determine if invoices have been paid or if new invoices need chasing. This means Credit Hound could chase invoices that have already been paid.

Email Notification for when a Sync was Unsuccessful

Credit Hound is now going to send an email notification if we haven't been able to synchronize your data in some period of time (currently 24 Hours).  

If the data synchronization stops for any reason, Credit Hound will now send an email notification to the Administrator users to alert them of this.

The email will give the Administrator users basic guidance on how to get the periodic synchronization back up and running.


These email notifications will go to Administrator users. Standard users will not receive any emails.

Currently, there is no way to disable these notifications. This is so that you can act upon the problem and ensure your data in Credit Hound is up to date.
UnsuccessfulSyncEmailNotificationExample Email Notification

 The email content will provide the Administrator users with some guidance on how to resolve the synchronization issue.

Synchronization Issue Notification
You will only be notified once regarding the problem. If the synchronization is subsequently successful and then has not occurred again for a period of time, the email notification will be sent again.

The content of the email is dependent on the whether you are using an Cloud based Accounting System or an On-Premise System.

  • For Cloud based systems like Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Sage Intacct, you may have an inactive connection so please go to Company Settings and attempt to login again.
  • For On-Premise based accounting systems like Sage 50, Sage 100 or Sage 200, please check the computer where the Credit Hound Connector Agent is installed and ensure your Credit Hound credentials are correct.

See the Resolve Sync Issues article for further information on how to resolve any synchronization issues so your data is up to date.