Configuration Settings
  • 03 Feb 2022
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Configuration Settings

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Article summary

This area allows you to solve issues with your connection, disconnect from your accounting system or perform a manual synchronization.

Why Can't I See This In Credit Hound?
Configuration Settings are only available for cloud based accounting systems such as Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Sage Intacct.

Accounting Connector

In the Accounting Connector section, you can see the cloud accounting system you have linked Credit Hound with and the Status of the connection to your accounting system. 

Configuration SettingsIf there is a successful connection to the accounting system, the Status will show Active.

Communication Issue

If Credit Hound cannot communicate with the cloud accounting system, a warning will display against the Status advising there is a problem. To resolve the issue, click the Login button which allows you to re-authenticate with accounting system.


You can remove the connection to your accounting system by clicking on the Disconnect button. This will stop Credit Hound synchronizing your accounting data. If you wish to reconnect Credit Hound click the Login button and follow the on-screen instructions to re-authenticate the connection to the accounting system.

Disconnecting from your accounting systems does not stop Credit Hound from automatically chasing your customers using the information it already has. You will need to disable automatic chasing by configuring your Collection Paths.

Perform Manual Sync

Manual Sync

Credit Hound automatically syncs to your accounts system periodically throughout the day. The last successful synchronization date and time next is displayed next to the Sync button.

At times you may have updated your accounting system (e.g. added new contacts, amended email addresses, added new transactions etc.) and require access to those changes in Credit Hound straight away. To do this you can perform a manual sync. Click the Sync button to start a manual synchronization of your accounting data

When pressing the sync button you may see this message:
If you attempt to click the Sync button and synchronize within 30 minutes of your last successful sync, Credit Hound will display an information message advising you cannot perform a Sync just yet and will have to wait.

Synchronization Time Restriction
The Sync button can only be clicked once every 30 minutes after the last synchronization has completed successfully .

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